Saturday, November 06, 2004

Why "The 50 Foot Cat"

As this is the first post, I thought I might go ahead and make a few comments about my BLOG's name, "The 50 Foot Cat".

In 1991, Haydee and I made a trip to Thailand. Having been on temporary duty there several weeks earlier, I had arranged for a charter on a 50 foot catamaran, complete with a captain and his boat boy/cook. Though we were only on board for a week, this week marks the most relaxing vacation I have ever had.

There is also a small double entendre in the name. I think of myself as a very stable guy with big ideas, who runs fast before the wind if handled properly - just like a large catamaran.

One day, I would like to retire to the sea with Haydee and cruise the oceans on - you guessed it - a 50 Foot Cat!


At 4:01 PM , Blogger Haydee said...

As I recall, it WAS a very relaxing time. Too relaxing! Nobody would play backgammon with me!!!

At 5:10 PM , Blogger The Cat said...

Gee Haydee and I finally put our heads together and came up with that "50 Foot Catamaran"'s name and then did a websearch. Guess what we found!! Here is a link to 'Catcall'!!

At 5:33 AM , Blogger The Sister said...

So, what is up in my life? Today is Tuesday, I am leaving now to take the boys to school. It is my morning to take the girls to Hendrick. Cathryn has gymnastics. Then I have to go to Sam's for bread and milk. Laundry awaits to gobble or be gobbled. Jordan has tennis. Kaitlyn has soccer. Jordan has soccer. Braiden has football. Then Alan comes home from Nashville. The day then ends.

Have a great one


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