Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bye-Bye Blockbuster!

About a month ago we started a 2-wk trial of Netflix. I was finally tired of paying blockbuster $4 per movie(since we watch DVDs almost exclusively), and don't even mention the late-fees!!

Now after 1 month, we've watched about 18 movies (Many of them were the old Walt Disney movies). That means we are spending $1 per movie or about 25 cents per person! Not bad at all!

I am now cutting up my Blockbuster card!!


At 11:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent! Netflix is the way to go... Fayebienne and I have been on the 5 DVD at a time deal, but are cutting back because she spends a lot of time now playing an online playstation 2 game, hogging the TV.

Still, we've managed to keep our queue above 100 movies! You'll definitely watch more TV/movies this way... Get the Band of Brothers series if you have not seen it yet, it's great.

- Nat Guyton


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