Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Black History Month Flap

Here's a little tidbit that I saw over on Tongue Tied. Seems a student at a Chicago high school has started to wonder why Black History Month is shoved down her throat every year (for an entire month). The student even went so far as to wonder if it is racism against whites? As the school newspaper printed the article as an opinion piece, the journalism teacher is now in hot water. The administration is doing its best to tell everyone who will listen that the author is "misguided" and that "all students need diversity and sensitivity training."

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At 8:57 AM , Anonymous Reva said...

What Jesus taught "Love your Neighbor" is best, but sometimes humans' feelings are colored by Jealousy which opens the door for
hate. I'm sorry that schools don't teach background on all students' cultures. That would be teaching about America and it's history.
We miss so much about life when this is not allowed. This is what makes America great, but sometimes we forget! America and our children are the losers.


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