Friday, January 21, 2005

Offensive Information over Email

Interesting article about someone who forwarded an email and ended up almost losing her job over it (hat trick: Toungue Tied)
Metro worker forwards anti-Muslim e-mail

It seems to me that this worker was forced to apologize to the world - or lose her job. Apparently, the Nashville Metro policy prohibits forwarding "offensive information". But I think the person who complained was located in another state! Unless the worker forwarded it to him directly (highly unlikely), then she forwarded it to people who were not offended. Once it was forwarded to another individual beyond her initial group, her liability should end. Why? Because the city's email system was not used to send it to the person who was ultimately offended!

Therefore, even though it is dumb to use city email to forward off-color emails, by the city's own policy, it is not prohibited, unless the person sent to is offended.


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