Thursday, November 18, 2004

Government Knows What's Best for Your Kids

Well, what else would we expect from Canada? The problem is that Canadian ideas tend to drift South...

Muslim children attending public schools in Toronto are being forced to watch videos promoting tolerance of homosexuality even though their parents object, reports the Canadian Press service.

The controversy erupted after students at Market Lane Public School in Toronto were shown videos as part of what the local school board calls “anti-homophobia education.”

Angry Muslim parents complained about the curriculum, however, saying their religious beliefs were getting less respect from the board than gay rights and demanded that their children be excluded on religious grounds from similar presentations in the future.

The board rejected their request on the grounds that allowing some students to be excluded from discussions about gay families would violate the rights of those children with same-sex parents.

''I don't think there's any harm done to parents who find their children exposed to ideas that are different than the ones they teach at home,'' Education Minister Gerard Kennedy said.
Here's the reference to the above story.

Province urges Muslims not to remove kids from 'anti-homophobia' classes

Given the socialist nature of Canada, its not surprising that this mindset seems totally natural to them.


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