Thursday, August 31, 2006

Krazyfornians at it Again

Lawdog had a good article on Californian idiocy (as if that was ever in question). But I especially loved morningglory's comment:
Do you know what happened this week back in 1850, in California?

California became a state.

The State had no electricity.

The State had no money.

Almost everyone spoke Spanish.

There were gun fights in the streets.

So basically, it was just like California today except the women had real breasts and men didn't hold hands.

The only thing I really have to add is that despite their politics, Crazyfornians still have an amazingly beautiful state. (God did a wonderful job making it, even though they've been doing their best to goof it up).

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Begging Entitlement

Read a post over on Lawdog today regarding the entitlement attitude. Loved the comments too. But I thought that I would throw my 2 cents in on my own blog.

Austin is rife with the street-corner "Please help me" beggars. Today I saw one of the guys that I've seen off and on for the past several years. He had three signs. The first said, "Road Rage? Yell at me for 50 cents". The second said, "My wife has a pistol, so I've got to bring home the bacon". The third said, "Why live in a $200,000 house when you can live under a $20,000,000 bridge."

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There went an Hour!

This is a rant!

I HATE it when they upgrade the system - BUT FORGET TO UPLOAD THE OLD EMAIL ADDRESSES!!

Ok granted, it is my fault when I don't have a written record of my own blogger log in. But when I tried to find my username and password by having the system use my email address to track me down, it told me that it couldn't find me. I went through multiple revolutions for nearly an hour before I finally tried one of my lesser used usernames. Even so, after 5 minutes, I am still waiting for the email system to get it to me.

Here's a clue guys, if you are going to upgrade your system, make sure that all the old stuff works when you are done.